Four Local Spots That Offer Infant Swim Lessons

We found four swim schools around the city that can teach your baby how to stay afloat and start making waves.

Photograph courtesy of Goldfish Swim School

With summer right around the corner, we’re ready to pull out our swimsuits and beach blankets. But don’t let your baby miss out on all the summer fun! For little ones ages 8 weeks to 36 months, we’ve found four swimming programs that teach babies the basics.

Goldfish Swim School

Goldfish has its infant swim program down to a science—the Science of SwimPlay, that is. With this philosophy, instructors focus on teaching babies through well-known songs and games, substituting basic nursery rhyme lyrics for valuable swimming skills. Whether your baby is 4 months or 15 months old, you can take them down a slide so they learn how to hold their breath or show them how to exit the pool safely via the nearby walls. Either way, every lesson has a focus on fun and fundamental skills for your “mini.”
8253 Beechmont Ave., Anderson Twp., (513) 813-5534,

British Swim School – Maple Knoll Village

With “Survival of the Littlest” as their motto, the British Swim School aims to prep your “tadpole” for any water hazard that comes their way. From full body submersions to staying afloat even when they’re tired, infants from 3 to 36 months will learn how to trust themselves in the water. And if tears or full-scale meltdowns threaten, instructors help kids overcome fear and panic so they can stay calm and paddle on. Soon enough, these tadpoles will be exploring new waters all on their own.
11100 Springfield Pike, Springdale, (513) 445-3600,

Bear Paddle Oakley Station

From the Teddy Float to the Humpty Dumpty, Bear Paddle has a whole slew of swimming maneuvers to teach your young one. With four levels alone within the “Teddy Bear” tier, babies from 6 to 36 months will learn everything from water acclimation to propelling themselves on their backs or tummies. By the end of the program, they’ll master the “flip to breathe,” knowing how to flip onto their back to catch their breath before they keep kicking and paddling. Bear Paddle will make sure your child has more than the (ahem) bare minimum skills to keep them safe and secure in the water.
3099 Disney St., Oakley, (513) 212-6776,

AquaMobile Swim School

This at-home swim instruction provides one-on-one, highly personalized lessons with top instructors. Every lesson caters to your baby’s individual needs, moving at their pace and by their progress. And for each level completed, your swimming “seal pup” will earn a new award and a mark on their report card. Covering Cincinnati and the surrounding suburbs, AquaMobile will come to you to teach your 6-month-old how to be confident and comfortable in the water. Added bonus: Mom and Dad can observe or participate in the lessons from the comfort of their backyard.
 (888) 950-7946,

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