Food-Flavored Brews to Delight (and Confuse) Your Tastebuds

Do you want a beer or a light snack? Why not have both in a can?

From doughnuts and sausages to coffee and lemonade, local treats are serving as an almost endless source of inspiration for food-flavored beers. Keep an eye out for some of these brews at local breweries.

Grainworks Brewing Co.’s “Lime Coconut Donut”

MAY 2021

Photograph courtesy GrainWorks Brewing Company

This gose beer from GrainWorks is crafted as an homage to Holtman’s Donuts’s lime coconut doughnut. The intermingling of zesty lime and rich coconut prevalent in one sip of this brew make it a mouthwatering drink for sunny summer days. The blend of flavors is delightfully unexpected, starting off sweet yet going down sour. 7790 Service Center Dr., West Chester, (513) 480-2337

Moerlein Brewing Co.’s “Glier’s Goetta”

Moerlein takes our favorite breakfast sausage to the next level with this one. Spiced up with sea salt, black peppercorn, smoked malt, and oats provided by Glier’s Goetta, the lager embodies all of the qualities that make goetta so delicious in just one drink. Even its aroma comes off smoky and savory, just like the real deal. It’s a bold choice for inspiration, which makes it even harder to believe that it can go down oh-so-smoothly. 115 Joe Nuxhall Way, downtown, (513) 421-2337

Braxton Brewing Co.’s “Graeter’s Caramel Macchiato”

For lovers of coffee, ice cream, and beer, there’s something delectable for everyone to enjoy in this sweet brew. The Braxton milk stout takes inspiration from a favorite Graeter’s flavor for a fresh take on the morning macchiato, featuring notes of toffee, caramel, and the warm and smooth taste of java. It’s a brilliant collaboration of two Cincinnati brands, creating an innovative new way to enjoy the taste of an indulgent dessert. 27 W. Seventh St., Covington, (859) 261-5600

MadTree Brewing’s “Common Ground”

Inspired by the homegrown origins of both MadTree Brewing and Revel OTR Winery, this beer was created to celebrate what the two establishments have in common. Together, MadTree and Revel used Catawba grapes grown right here in Ohio to power their collaboration, which has a hint of citrus, an earthy taste, and a dry finish. It’s a delicious brew that you can enjoy knowing that you’re supporting your very own Ohio businesses. 3301 Madison Rd., Oakley, (513) 836-8733

Cartridge Brewing Co.’s “Leaded”

If beer could taste like a place, then Cartridge Brewing’s coffee amber, “Leaded,” would be a cozy coffee shop on a cool day. The dark, sultry, and toasty flavor provided by Seven Hills Coffee Roasters’s Guatemalan Beans is easily reminiscent of your morning cup o’ joe and is so strong in taste that it’s hard to believe it’s beer at all. 1411 Grandin Rd., Maineville, (513) 697-3434

Urban Artifact’s “Keylime Salsa”

If you’re looking for something with some spice, then Urban Artifact’s “Keylime Salsa” sour ale will do the job. Brewed with key limes, roasted serrano peppers, coriander, sea salt, and green onion, this beverage brings the heat this summer, with a salsa taste that just might make you break a sweat. 1660 Blue Rock St., Northside, (513) 542-4222

Taft’s Brewing Co.’s UDF Milkshake IPA

There’s no better way to celebrate the warm weather than with this mashup. Taft’s, in partnership with one of the city’s ice cream staples, offers up this sweet, dreamy milkshake IPA. It’s a tasty new take on the summertime dessert, maintaining a milkshake’s creaminess and combining it with hop, lactose, oats, and flaked wheat for the ultimate adults-only treat. 4831 Spring Grove Ave., Winton Hills, (513) 853-5021

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