Follow This Timeline When Ordering a Wedding Dress from a Local Bridal Boutique


Ordering a gown from a bridal boutique may take longer than you expect. Local bridal boutique experts recommend you aim for this timeline.


12-18 Months Out:

All tree experts agree: Start looking now. While it seems like a lot of lead time, remember you may need to allow for your gown’s production and delivery.

8-9 Months Out:

Time to buy, Canter recommends. Adds Hill: “Bridal gowns are not just sitting in a warehouse waiting to be shipped. These are produced when we place the order.”

2-3 Months Out:

Start alterations. If you’re losing weight, start on the later side. Having your dress made for you? This is when your seam stress needs to get to work, says Canter.

6-8 Weeks Out:

Your final fitting. This is your last chance to make dramatic changes, says Minshall. Minimize weight loss following this appointment to avoid additional alterations.

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