Editor’s Letter, November 2022: A Day in the Life

The ordinary moments in Cincinnati life tell a fascinating story.

If you’re ever in need of a quick dose of humility, consider this: Right now hundreds of thousands of people across Cincinnati are doing their own thing, oblivious to your accomplishments, your goals, and your problems. And they’re getting along just fine without you, thanks.

Everyone has accomplishments, goals, and problems. In our minds, each of us is the star of our own movie or the subject of our own feature article. The challenge for those of us who tell stories for a living is to sort through all of those personal screenplays and magazine spreads and decide which to share in our print and digital pages, then how and when. Most of the time at Cincinnati Magazine, we look for commonalities and themes to help us explore life in Cincinnati in unique ways—for example, Halloween-inspired friends and neighbors, the region’s bourbon culture, and cool places to camp, per our past three cover features.

This issue takes a different approach with “24 Hours in 24 Photos,” which delights in life’s randomness by having local photographers shoot images during every hour of a typical day. There’s no shortage around here of homes preparing for dinner, high school kids playing sports, places to watch a sunset, people waiting for the bus, and bars closing down for the night. We hired 24 local photographers to shoot a specific scene at a specific hour in mid-September, not knowing exactly who or what they’d find. The resulting variety in both subject matter and photographic styles is kind of haphazard and fascinating—a lot like life in general.

One of my goals as Editor-in-Chief is for this publication to be a living record of contemporary life in this city, a collection of written and visual snapshots of how we work, love, play, strive, and collide at particular moments in time. This view into a day in the life of Cincinnati in late 2022, while by no means all-encompassing, has been a fun exercise in storytelling. To paraphrase a 1940s film noir movie, there are a million stories in the naked city and 365 days in each year. This has been one of them.

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