Eat Local For The Globe


Please join me Thursday, September 13th, 6-9:30 pm, for a great food event to benefit Findlay Market.

Eat Local For The Globe showcases Findlay Market vendors, local chefs, and regionally sourced foods in tasting stations and cooking demos around the market. In addition to food and wine, enjoy live music, the OTR Biergarten, silent auction items, and craft cocktails by Molly Wellman. General admission ticket holders will also be able to watch as teams of chefs prepare dishes for the 50-seat Chef’s Table, which features a seven course meal with wine pairings (for a list of the participating chefs, see below).

General admission tickets are $50 per person. Tickets for the Chef’s Table are $175 (these are going quickly, so if you are interested get on it). All proceeds benefit the Findlay Market Fund. Tickets can be purchased at Findlay Market or

Why buy local? Taste for one. Just picked, harvested, caught, or laid edibles are usually at peak flavor, a view that’s galvanized a nationwide farm-to-table movement. More importantly, money spent with local businesses is reinvested into the local economy. And, as the miles between our food and its sources decrease, the knowledge of what, why, and how we eat increases demand for quality and keeps the conversation at a national level where effective policy can be implemented.


I am thrilled to be hosting the Chef’s Table. Check out who will be cooking:

Soup: Renee Schuler [Eat Well] + Colonel De [Colonel De Gourmet Herbs & spices]

Salad: Todd Hudson [Wildflower Cafe] + Chris Weist [ McHale’s Catering]

Shellfish: Julie Francis [Nectar] + Owen Maas [Cumin]

Poultry: Dan Wright [Senate & Abigail St.] + Jose Salazar [The Palace]

Fish: Jean Robert de Cavel [Jean-Robert’s Table] + Josh Campbell [Mayberry]

Meat: Todd Kelly [Orchids] + Elias Leisring [Eli’s BBQ]

Dessert: Stephen Williams [Bouquet] + Jean-Philippe Solnom [Chocolatier] + Michael Christner [Dojo Gelato ]

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