Cincinnati Cares

Cincinnati Cares’s vision 
is to create a healthy, vibrant, and connected Greater Cincinnati.
Cincinnati Cares CEO Doug Bolton speaks to a group about his organization’s vision of creating a Greater Cincinnati and helping every nonprofit cause with its volunteer engagement.

Established: 2017

Mission: Cincinnati Cares’s vision 
is to create a healthy, vibrant, and connected Greater Cincinnati. Cincinnati Cares’s mission is to
inspire and empower people and organizations to engage in helping that matters to Greater Cincinnati and themselves.

Serving Our Community:
Cincinnati Cares is solving two problems: reversing the twice-the-national-rate- of-decline in local volunteerism and ending the lack of diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion in our region’s nonprofit boards. Through innovative technology, Cincinnati Cares has become the most popular way for Cincinnatians to find a way to help. Through rebuilt and first-in-the-country AI and machine learning, a board platform is connecting nonprofits to hundreds of board candidates. Cincinnati Cares is the only organization in the region 100 percent focused on the volunteer. By engaging individuals and businesses through technologies to connect to our region’s nonprofits, Cincinnati Cares is creating a healthy, vibrant, and connected community. Cincinnati Cares is improving the volunteer experience by leading nonprofits in a change-management system proven to advance missions through greater volunteer engagement.

Doug Bolton, President & CEO
Jenna Ruttkay, Chief Operating Officer
Carol Rountree, Chief Volunteer Officer
Beth Guzior, Director of Sales
Katie Fiorelli, Outreach & Training Manager
Catherine Andrews, Operations Specialist
Zoe Storch, Graphic Designer

Board of Directors
Craig S. Young, Board Chair
Board Members: Patricia Smitson, Vivien Schapera, Delores Hargrove-Young

Volunteers: Jim Young, Michael Young, Elizabeth Young, Mary Beth Young, Kateri Bolton, Mia Slone, Yusra Rahmatullah, Kristen Klein, Katie Buescher, Jessica Moore, Chandler Meador, Sonya Turner, Taylor Moore, Bridget Davis, Ti any Spencer, Tamara Behrens, Chelsea Wood, Angel Wright, Je Glaser, Sara Maloney, Damariz Macias Propst, Robert Weil, Rikki Lee Joiner, Felix Winternitz, Taylor Evans, Sally Bishop, Gail Paul, Dawn Adams, Joe Rotollo, Cammera Archie, Barb Magella, Tanya Kleindienst, Susan Esler

Other Ways to Help: features more than 1,500 ways to help nonprofits in our region. Cincinnati Cares has a variety of ways Greater Cincinnatians can help our organization, such as:

  • Communications: social media content development, storytellers, newsletter content development, contact database support, etc.
  • Tech support: helping publish new organizations on Cincinnati Cares and finding volunteer events to add to Cincinnati Cares.
  • Video support: If you create videos for social media as your profession, you can volunteer a few hours a month to work with our social media team.
  • Community ambassador: Be the expert and Cincinnati Cares’s liaison on the nonprofits in your neighborhood. Attend community events and spread the word about Cincinnati Cares! Speak at local events as needed.
  • Trainer/committee organizer: Help lead volunteer engagement teams at area businesses or help run trainings for board candidates and/or service enterprises.
  • Reach out to Carol Rountree at to discuss how you can help us with our mission.

1776 Mentor Ave., Suite 200
Cincinnati, OH 45212
(513) 436-4686

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