Hyped-Up Bakery on a Budget

Hyped-Up Bakery on a Budget
Lite-Hearted Donut

Photograph by Anna Jones/OMS

You gotta have a gimmick. Yesterday’s fancy cupcake is today’s trendy cake pop. Here are the most hilarious, most over-the-top, most delightful promotional bakery gems that we’ll obsess over next.

1. The Muffnut
Blue Oven Bakery: $4

Is it a muffin or a doughnut? Answer: Yes! Blue Oven Bakery deep fries their legendary English muffins, then anoints them with powdered sugar, custard, pureed pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, plus a drizzle of maple syrup. Oh, my. Just try ordering it with a straight face. blueovenbakery.com

2. The Cro-nati
Savor Catering: $1.50-$3.25
Like its famous Manhattan namesake, this cronut is a cross between a flaky, buttery croissant and a doughnut. Pick one up at Left Bank Coffee house (created by Savor Catering and Events), where you can balance all that sweetness with a good, strong shot of espresso. 701 Greenup St., Covington, (859) 431-4655, leftbankcoffeehouse.com

3. Lite-Hearted Donuts
Busken: $.99
For 140 measly calories, you get a classic Busken doughnut stripped of all trans and saturated fats. It tastes darn close to the real thing. And it’s shaped like an adorable heart. And you won’t hate yourself in the morning. Multiple locations, busken.com

4. The Bretzel Hot Dog
The Hot Bretzel Bar: $1.50–$3

This item gently reminds us that the ubiquitous pretzel was actually first called by its German name, brezel. The Hot Bretzel Bar makes the hand-held treat even more awesome by shaping it like a dinner roll and wrapping it around a hot dog or a brat, corndog-style. Feeling lucky? Try the ButterBretzel, which emulates a croissant by packing in 81 buttery layers. 3804 Church St., Newtown, (513) 530-3180, hotbretzels.com

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