Total Juice Plus’s Chicken Plate

Up until a few weeks ago, all I knew about Total Juice Plus is that they were a wrap and smoothie place. To be blunt, I have completely forsaken wraps (not to be confused with burritos, which are a different animal altogether) until I am convinced that I have exhausted all the sturdy sandwich possibilities on this planet. And I just can’t get excited about smoothies, which so often are—pointlessly—the caloric equivalent of jumbo milkshakes without any redeeming chocolate, caramel, or peanut butter. Please understand, I harbored no ill will against Total Juice Plus, just a benign indifference based on personal preference. That was until a well-meaning friend drug me along for a lunchtime juice fix.

While I rarely spend $5 for a juice—I feel so first-world-wasteful when they chuck all that vegetable fiber—I was feeling a bit sluggish, so it seemed like a good idea. And while I did, somewhat guiltily, really enjoy my carrot, beet, and ginger juice, I also discovered that Total Juice Plus makes little Mediterranean-style boxed lunches. Their chicken plate ($7.50) is a flavorful yet healthy box of steamed rice, Greek salad with plenty of kalamata olives and feta cheese, a dollop of hummus, sliced avocado, grilled chicken topped with tahini sauce and sesame seeds, and a side of siracha sauce. There’s a vegetarian version available as well, with lentils subbing in for the chicken. Total Juice Plus, I humbly stand corrected. You are more than just wraps, and I vow to return and enjoy your non-wrap, non-smoothie goodness again soon!

Total Juice Plus, 631 Vine St., downtown, (513) 784-1666,

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