Sushi Monk

When you check out our July issue, you’ll understand why I have some serious light lunches in my life right now. Last week I found myself out in West Chester for a meeting and decided to check out the tiny sushi joint that seems to have the ’burbs all a-buzz. Possibly a diamond in the rough? Honestly, it was just OK. The interior is your classic strip mall sushi-karaoke bar-suburban night club. Budweiser signs butt up against rotund-bellied buddhas and golden paper flowers suspended from the ceiling sway gently in the glacial air conditioning. The tuna in the plain tuna roll tasted fresh, but was minced up like burger meat, as opposed to the traditional rectangular cuts. The green roll (asparagus, scallion, and avocado) was surprisingly studded with rather large pieces of raw carrot, making it not overly green and fairly cumbersome. The rolling was also somewhat sloppy and several pieces fell apart before I could eat them. The lunch special, of two rolls (from a small selection) and iceberg lettuce with pre-fab dressing was $12. It’s a step up from grocery store sushi, but I’ve been spoiled by the attention to detail found at old-school spots like Matsuya. Sorry West Chester, not this time.

Sushi Monk, 8268 Princeton Glendale Rd., West Chester, (513) 881-1889,

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