Chateaux Beirut’s Hummus

Drive too fast down Cincinnati-Dayton Road in West Chester and you’re apt to miss Chateaux Beirut and its neighboring hookah bar. But tucked away in a small strip mall is some pretty darn good hummus. Their version is smooth and nutty (thanks to plenty of tahini), topped with a slick of slightly spicy Lebanese extra virgin olive oil, and garnished with a generous dusting of paprika. Priced at $4.95, the hummus is accompanied by a generous basket of fluffy white pita quarters. In need of a little more sustenance? Comfort yourself with their kibbi, a deep-fried bulgur wheat and minced lamb shell filled with ground beef and pine nuts. Or enjoy a pot of house black tea steeped with fresh sage leaves.

Chateaux Beirut, 7835 Cincinnati Dayton Road, West Chester, (513) 777-2363,, 10AM-9PM, seven days.

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