Café Lang Thang’s Com Phan

A warning to the vegetarians: this one is definitely not for you. Café Lang Thang’s braised pork rice bowl, the daily special known in Vietnamese as Com Phan, garnished with fermented green cabbage and hard-boiled eggs that have been slowly simmered in the pork broth, is exactly the kind of food that a person might need when they are cold, tired, and possibly even a tad hung over. The generous portion of spiced meat was fall-apart tender, and the addition of a little at-the-table Sriracha sauce took this comfort food to a whole new level. And given the portion size, was a value at $7. I also highly endorse the house-made limeade beverage for $2.50. Its acidity cut right through the rich and slightly greasy rice, and it’s not too sweet. Now all I need is a nap.

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