CG Ceramics Makes Your Favorite Restaurant’s Stoneware

Christie Goodfellow’s stoneware creations are quickly becoming local restaurant staples.

You may not recognize the name CG Ceramics, but it’s likely you’ve enjoyed your morning latte from one of its speckled mugs or have been served a meal on CG dinnerware at your favorite downtown restaurant. Behind the scenes, thoughtfully crafting striking stoneware pieces, is Christie Goodfellow, the owner and sole ceramicist behind the brand. “I think it’s really special being able to create pieces that function as a canvas for what others are creating,” she says. “And I’m really drawn to making objects that people are going to use in their daily lives.”

Photograph by Chris Von Holle

Goodfellow’s love for clay blossomed while she was pursuing her BFA at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She went to study photography and graphic design, but describes how she’d often find herself peeking into the ceramics classes while roaming the halls. She finally gave into her curiosity and registered for classes. “Looking at a computer just wasn’t for me,” Goodfellow explains. “I quickly realized how much I enjoyed the tactile process of ceramics and being involved in the making of an object. I just fell in love with it.”


Out of college, Goodfellow continued her education in ceramics by taking classes and experimenting with different clays and glazes at local clay studios. That’s where she honed her distinctive style—organic shapes and subtle glazes that accentuate the clay’s natural color. “My interests are in the material and building minimal forms,” says Goodfellow. “I like to let the clay speak for itself. Sometimes just the line or curve of a piece I am making sets off a visceral reaction in me—and that’s when I know I’m on the right path.”

In 2013, Goodfellow converted her 200-square-foot backyard shed into a makeshift studio and took on pottery full time. Today, she operates out of a larger studio space, supplying restaurants, bakeries, and retail shops not only in Cincinnati, but across the country. You’ll find her pieces locally at MiCA, Khora, and Fern—just to name a few. And if you’re searching for a spot to do some holiday shopping, CG Ceramics will host its annual holiday bazaar from Goodfellow’s old backyard studio in early December. The bazaar will feature Goodfellow’s work, along with pieces from other local artists.

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