CASA Design Consulting Can Fix Up a Personalized Learning Space for Your Kids at Home

This kid-focused design company helps Cincinnati families create specialized learning spaces so your kiddos can survive a school year unlike any other.

Kids taking over your kitchen table? Christine Trimmer understands your frustration. The cofounder of CASA Design Consulting (@casadesignconsulting) also happens to be a Montessori teacher who knows first-hand just how challenging this school year has been.

Photograph by Devyn Glista

Trimmer and her design partner saw an opportunity to help local families create vibrant at-home learning spaces through a new program, School by CASA. “By setting up your home to be developmentally appropriate and ready for whatever version of learning occurs, the child feels more centered, the parent feels more prepared, and the teacher has a student who can concentrate and attend lessons without impediments,” Trimmer says. “Win-win-win.”

In designing a space for Montgomery mom Leah Vasiliadis and her two sons, CASA created custom opportunities for sensory and cooking activities, as well as math and language opportunities that align with the state’s pre-K and kindergarten learning standards. “We walked away from this project confident that we helped Leah accomplish her goals of creating an invitation for learning for her boys,” Trimmer says. “As well as an organized space to keep all of their school supplies organized in the event that their school would go virtual.”

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