Bunches of Bows Finds Its Place In The Fort Mitchell Community

This Northern Kentucky gift store grew from humble beginnings to great heights on the principles of good craftsmanship and giving back.

Bunches of Bows has brought charm to the downtown district of Fort Mitchell for years, but the backstory behind this storefront is what makes it truly special. Owner Traci Punch Alexander could never have foreseen the impact of Bunches of Bows when she started crafting in her basement almost 30 years ago. After her first husband passed away, she went to work making hair bows for her daughter Maddie and selling them on the side to help support her family. Friends, relatives, and neighbors alike started to notice the stylish accessories, and Alexander was met with overwhelming demand for the homemade bows.

Photograph by Madelon Basil

In response, she began attending craft shows, allowing local consignment shops to carry her bows, and hosting open houses where visitors could buy her products. Soon, people around town couldn’t get enough of her DIY creations. Alexander was finding business everywhere: preschool pickup, cheer practices, and dance tournaments. “I would have a little tub in the back of my minivan,” she recalls. “People would line up because the good bows would sell out, and they wanted to be the first ones there.”

When one of Alexander’s friends convinced her to launch a pop-up store in a nearby strip mall for the holiday season, Bunches of Bows was born. Even though the shop was slated to close after the holidays, Alexander continued operating it for the next seven years. In 2017, Bunches of Bows relocated to its current brick and mortar location in Fort Mitchell. This revamped space is the ideal place for Alexander and her team to do business, allowing for more visibility and access to a wider customer base.

Today, Bunches of Bows offers everything from apparel to home decor to dishware to baby care products. And, of course, they still sell their iconic hair bows. But the store’s role in the community goes far beyond supplying unique gifts. The Bunches of Bows staff (who call themselves the B.O.B Crew) are always looking to give back to those in need. “We try so hard to do a lot of outreach in the community, things where we can help other organizations raise money,” Alexander says. In previous years, the store has donated to more than 35 different neighborhood charities and has hosted Shop For A Cause events, where a percentage of the store’s sales go toward foundations that the B.O.B Crew supports.

Photograph by Madelon Basil

Whether you’re looking to surprise a loved one with a sentimental gift or you want to enhance your home decor, a trip to Bunches of Bows should do the trick. Plus, almost everything in the store can be monogrammed or personalized on site for no additional charge. This fall’s collection includes festive autumn wreaths, Halloween-themed bows, and customizable face masks.

Bunches of Bows, 2497 Dixie Highway Suite B, Fort Mitchell, (859) 331-4222

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