Bread House Bakery Brings a Taste of China to Sharonville

With surprising flavors and a not-too-sweet profile, the treats baked up here will introduce you to a whole new world of flavor.

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

With a name like Bread House Bakery and an Eiffel Tower in the logo, the wonderland of Chinese baked goods inside this strip mall shop may come as a surprise. Discover one delight after another as you browse shelves of house-baked rolls, pastries, and cakes bearing little resemblance to those common in this part of the world. Most popular are the shredded pork roll, a savory, sesame-seed-and-scallion-topped rolled sponge cake filled with pork rousong, a dehydrated—stick with me here—“meat floss” in a sweet glaze, which vaguely recalls barbecued pulled pork; the red bean bun, a sweet roll filled with a velvety, earthy, and lightly sweet adzuki bean paste; and the cup cake, a cloudlike, eggy sponge cake resembling unfrosted angel food cake. By firmly sticking within the not-too-sweet realm, Bread House shows how restraint and a confident balance of savory ingredients can deliver bold flavors that need not be restricted to dessert. But if you must address your sweet tooth, the custard roll, a glazed sweet roll filled with (yup) custard, was another we won’t soon forget.

Bread House Bakery, 11974 Lebanon Rd., Sharonville, (513) 386-9641

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