Anderson Township Trustee Dee Stone Keeps It Sassy and Chic


Occupation: Executive Director, Forest Hills Foundation for Education; Anderson Township Trustee
Style: Always trendy

Photograph by Aaron M. Conway

Describe your style.

When I lived in San Francisco, this guy told me, Oh, your style is sassy-chic, and I was like, OK, I guess that’s what it is then. So that’s how it’s been described to me.

What does sassy-chic look like?

I always try to do either big accessories or some little twist that makes it a little different from everybody else. A lot of my outfits start with either a really patterned or colorful pair of pants coupled with black. Or I start with black pants coupled with a colorful shirt.

After college, you worked as a lawyer for IBM before becoming the publisher of a San Francisco–based fashion magazine. What influenced this career change?

I’ve always been interested in fashion and fashion magazines. It’s an inherited gene apparently. My mother was always the best-dressed mom. We would go to any event and she was always totally pulled together, and my grandmother was the same way. Our style is that we’re always following the trends. If [the color of the season] were purple, my mom would be wearing a purple suit long before anyone else in my town would be wearing something purple. I grew up seeing that, and it just became second nature for me.

You frequent Snooty Fox for vintage and consignment pieces. Where else do you shop to stay on trend?

What I try to do to now—just because I have a pretty interesting collection of clothes—is shop my closet. I have plenty of accessories and clothes. I don’t really need anything new. The only thing I always need something new for is shoes. If you have the right pair of shoes, anything can look in style.

Any tips for crafting the perfect outfit?

Play dress-up! It’s good to try [an outfit] ahead of time, and it’s a great rainy Sunday afternoon activity. Also, a full-length mirror is your best friend; you’ve got to look head to toe.

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