Alex Martin, Owner of A Spoon Fulla Sugar, Shares Wedding Cake Tips and Trends


Hot off an appearance on Discovery Family’s Bake It Like Buddy television series, A Spoon Fulla Sugar owner Alex Martin dishes about the tips and trends of today’s wedding cakes—and how to slice a sweet deal.

Photograph courtesy of A Spoon Fulla Sugar

How much cake should couples order?
If serving the cake to the tables, we suggest going with as many servings as they have guests. If they’re just setting it out, they can go a little under, but we don’t suggest going too far under. If there’s multiple flavors, sometimes people go up for seconds.

How can couples make their cake personalized?
The most popular way is with their wedding colors. A lot of people pull different parts of their invitations into the design, like if there’s a scroll feature.

What are the current cake trends?
Flavors and fillings are going back to the classics, like chocolate cake with Oreo mousse filling or white cake with raspberry jam filling. And marble cakes are getting more popular. For designs, rustic is still popular, which uses a horizontal spatula.

Are cupcakes still in?
Yes, they’re really popular for fall weddings for some reason. Some people pick cupcakes because they think it’s easier for guests to just walk up and grab it, and you don’t have to wait for someone to take it away and cut it. But with cupcakes, you’re also limited with design.

What are your most popular flavors? One of our signature cakes is the hummingbird cake, which is a Southern spice cake with bananas, pineapples, and pecans, paired with cream cheese icing. And we do have seasonal ones, like pumpkin cake with cream cheese filling or strawberry cake with white chocolate mousse filling.

What’s the most unique cake you’ve ever made?
We did one in the shape of the Stanley Cup.

Anything you recommend not doing on a wedding cake? Don’t try to add too much. Sometimes people want to incorporate too many ideas into the cake and things end up clashing.

What’s the best way to freeze your cake for your one-year anniversary?
Make sure it’s tightly sealed in plastic wrap, then put foil around it, and store it in a box in the freezer. If you refrigerate it for a few hours before wrapping it, it’ll be easier to wrap with the icing.

What are some ways brides can save money on a wedding cake?
Instead of a four-tier cake, get a three-tier with backup sheet cakes for extra servings.

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