A 1920s-Themed Cocktail Bar Opens in the Former Myrtle’s Punch House Space in East Walnut Hills


Photograph courtesy of Michael Callahan

East Walnut Hills lost a true gem when Molly Wellmann closed the doors to her Myrtle’s Punch House bar last February. Now, after almost a full year of vacancy, the Woodburn Avenue space has welcomed a new bar concept. Named for its 1920s-themed décor and drinks, Twenties offers a roaring good time, with charcuterie boards and classic cocktails guests can enjoy by candlelight.

“I saw a void in the classic neighborhood cocktail joint,” says mixologist and General Manager Michael Callahan, who’s also a former resident of the neighborhood. “The timing was right, and I felt like it was needed.”

The menu pays homage to the tried-and-true drink recipes of the past, while experimenting with new flavors and local sprits. “We’re going to pull straight from old-school cocktail books and try to be as close to their recipe as possible,” Callahan says. “Let’s drink like we’re in the ’20s!”

Photograph courtesy of Victoria Moorwood

The bar’s theme also pays homage to the current decade: “We’re going into the 2020s, so I thought it was kind of cool,” Callahan says. Pulling inspiration from traditional drink recipes, Twenties will host weekly “Old Fashioned Thursdays,” where customers can try vintage cocktails for $7. Local brews are also available on tap for the non-spirit drinkers, and happy hour takes place every Tuesday through Saturday from 4 to 7 p.m.

On the main level, the bar offers ample seating, plus a newly added billiards room. Downstairs, a catacombs-style cellar provides an intimate setting, in which Callahan plans to host private parties, open mic nights, and live music.

Twenties, which opened on January 2 with a New Year’s bash, will wrap up the month with a onesie-themed party on January 25. The evening will feature DJs and a cash prize to the best-dressed guest.

Twenties, 2733 Woodburn Ave., East Walnut Hills

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