The low costs and high expectations of living in the Queen City

Fighting the Currency

Sometimes it's hard not to take personal finance personally.

Here’s What Your Public Officials Get Paid

Assuming you’re a dutiful, IRS-abiding citizen, your tax dollars help pay public officials. But exactly how much they get paid depends on where they live and what they do.

This Local Nonprofit is Like Habitat for Humanity, But With Cars

What do you need to purchase a 15-year-old high-mileage mid-range secondhand vehicle? At Changing Gears, it takes everything you’ve got.

The Money Issue: Old Money in Cincinnati

Money is a peculiar thing. It’s everything and it’s nothing. It’s flaunted and it’s hidden. And in 2016, it’s just pixels on a screen. For our special issue on money, we looked into the tangible life and history of money in Cincinnati: where it’s been (or being) kept, how its looks have changed over time, and what it’s been used to create. Turns out, the stuff is everywhere.

And Carl Lindner III Said, “Let There Be Soccer”

FC Cincinnati is the hottest ticket in town thanks to the deep pockets—and commitment—of Carl Lindner III.

Mapping Cincinnati’s Middle Class

We used adjusted data to define the middle class in Cincinnati as a household income between $35,000 and $100,000. So where do those people live?

The Ark Encounter, By The Numbers

It's a business venture with a price tag of biblical proportions.

The Quarter-Billion Dollar Man

Do Joey Votto’s stats legitimize what the Reds shelled out for him?

Everything But The House is an Online Estate Sale Machine

The company started with two employees and a dream: to capitalize on the downsizing of America. In nine years it has grown into a $60 million online auction business. Welcome to the new economy of people's old stuff.


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