Style Counsel: Eli Maiman

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The guitarist of pop phenoms Walk The Moon wears whatever he can keep his hands on. Which is not easy.

Since your band signed with RCA Records in mid-2011, you’ve been touring a lot. Picked up anything good on the road? I think my favorite piece is a leather Members Only jacket that I bought in Portland, though I’ve probably worn these Silver jeans I was given at Lollapalooza in 2011 more than anything else. I got two pair and both have holes in the crotch now.

Do you still wear them? Absolutely. I wear them as if I have nothing else to wear.

What clothing do you need for life on the road? It’s best to take a variety of things. Layers are the way to comfortably go from New Hampshire to Los Angeles in a day. And you’ve always got to have a bathing suit with you. Just in case.

Do you have special outfits reserved for performing? I have a couple things that I go to over and over again. A lot of it is dependent on chance. When you’re in and out of hotels as often as we are, you tend to lose a lot of stuff. What you wear is partly dictated by what you don’t leave at a Holiday Inn in Scranton, or backstage at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, or in a drying machine in Austria.

What have you lost while on tour? Very early in the band’s career, we played the Sweetlife Festival in D.C. and I lost a pair of pink pants. It was my first pair of brightly colored women’s pants and kind of my induction into Walk The Moon and the colorful style of the band. I miss those pants every day. I also lost my favorite flannel shirt. It was a bad day. No, it was a good day. I just lost a lot of clothes.

Originally published in the August 2013 issue
Photograph by Annette Navarro

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