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The Best Flat Sandals

1. Gold Plated
Sam Edelman Genette sandal, $66.90, Nordstrom,

2. Pretty in Punk
Isola Adette sandal, $99.95, Monkee’s of Madeira,

3. Mixed Metals
Yosi Samra Cambelle sandal, $130, Alligator Purse,

4. Such a Stud
Rebecca Minkoff Santana sandal, $242, The Wardrobe,

(Left to right)

Paw Print
Freewaters flip flops, $32, Kismet, 2037 Madison Rd., (513) 871-7879

Strap Happy
Volcom multi-strap flip flops, $25, Kismet

Lean Green
Freewaters flip flops, $38, Kismet

Kiddie Cool
Reef Little Ahi flip flops, $22, Flip Flop Shops,

Originally published in the July 2014 issue. Photographs by Anna Jones/OMS.