Don’t Stop Believing


Reds fans love Todd Frazier because he deviates from the norm. His walkup music is not the traditional hip-hop or rock music. Nope, Frazier sticks with classic Frank Sinatra hits such as “Fly Me To The Moon” and “You Make Me Feel So Young.”  It’s the little things—his at-bat music, his smile—as well as his generosity after Hurricane Sandy that endear him to the people of Cincinnati. Case in point: During Thursday’s game against the Pirates, Frazier (a New Jersey native) changed his walkup music to the theme song from The Soprano’s, in honor of deceased actor James Gandolfini.

Yet from a statistical standpoint, Frazier has not started off the season quite as well as fans hoped. He’s currently hitting .249 with an OPS of .761, the latter of which is nearly 70 points below what he averaged through 128 games last season. He’s turned it on a bit over the past 10 games though, racking up nine hits, three home runs, and three RBI in that span.  While his batting average may not reflect last year’s .273 average, Frazier’s numbers are on pace with what he put on the board last season. Through 69 games this year, Frazier has nine homeruns and 37 RBI; last season, he had 19 homeruns and drove in 67 RBI in those 128 appearances. Frazier has also improved his plate discipline. According to FanGraphs, he has decreased his swing percentage outside the strike zone, while also increasing his contact on pitches in the zone.

Nearing the All-Star break and gearing up for a second half push toward the postseason, Frazier’s performance will likely set the tone—for better or worse—for the bottom half of the lineup. Perhaps Frazier should switch his Sinatra tune-of-choice to “The Best is Yet to Come.”

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