Ode to Frozen Custard

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The first day of summer is, for me, the best time to ditch work (…and school and life), and run, with reckless abandon, to the nearest custard stand. I learned to love this rich, egg-and-butterfat-laden treat as a child, at my grandparents’ custard stand. I’d like to say that today I eat my Culver’s with the same restraint reserved for teas and other such special occasions. But one lick and I am 10 years old again, chocolate-mouthed and satisfied, tackling a swirled mountain of edible silk atop a crunchy cake cone. Now please excuse me as I lick this vanilla drip from my knuckles. After all, custard only lasts so long in the heat. Culver’s, Mason, Hamilton, and Florence, culvers.com

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