Relative-ly Comfortable

The sofa bed gets a makeover.


Sofa beds can be a real drag. The models that have traditionally supported the backs of my visiting relatives have offered more squeak and sag than sleep. Not to mention the embarrassing pet hair tumbleweeds that materialize when I pull the bed out for someone’s overnight stay.

American Leather Furniture offers the new Comfort Sleeper, which is available in several styles and fabrics (including  leather and Ultrasuede). Most importantly, though, it looks like a real piece of furniture. Sagging is not an issue because support comes from solid platforms instead of bars and springs. There’s a fancy Tempur-Pedic option and it  has a cloth undershield to keep dust away from the mechanism. (They must have gotten the idea from a sleepover at my house.) By the way, there’s an American Leather sale going on at Verbarg’s Furniture & Design in Kenwood through September.

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