Deck the Halls


Many of us will be adding seasonal—or just updated—décor to outfit our homes for the holidays. Make it easy on yourself with these handy apps and tools to ensure your placement is picture-perfect:

  1. Keep it on the level: Try the free Bubble Level by developer Antoine Vianey. Download the app, then hold any of your smartphone’s sides against the frame or object.
  2. Visualize it: Picture Perfect, by developer MC Productions, LCC, is a 99-cent app that helps you envision the layout of your wall décor. Enter the object and wall dimensions and the app handles the rest.
  3. Get rid of the guesswork: The ProSensor 710 Professional stud finder’s indicator lights tell you exactly where to place that nail. From $49.95 and up. Find it at Western Ohio True Value Hardware in Minster, Ohio, 419-628-3804 or available through

  4. Pick up in picture-hanging kits for big jobs: You’ll find several options around town. Home Depot carries a 50-piece kit with enough hooks to hang up to 17 frames or heavy objects and includes sawtooth hangers and screw eyes for frames that don’t have hanging hardware. $2.97   

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