Bloom Where You’re Planted


It’s late October, the time of year when I normally think about adding some cold-hardy blooms to my landscape. But serendipity came into play—a profusion of wildflowers are still thriving in the backyard.

Last spring, we planted flower seeds along our backyard fence in an effort to minimize mowing and trimming. The plants had a mind of their own and didn’t begin to grow until late summer. Because it was a mixed-seed packet, I wasn’t sure what had sprouted, but I liked the look of the stems, growing ever higher, with their wispy/feathery leaves. It turned out to be several delightful colors of Cosmos.

Not knowing much about them, I was sure they’d be short-lived, but instead, we are enjoying a profusion of blooms even now. They make beautiful arrangements, and cutting or deadheading encourages them to produce even more abundantly. Their vivid white, fuchsia and pale lavender petals vibrate with color—heavenly. A wonderful change from the potted chrysanthemums that I see everywhere this time of year.

I’ll enjoy them while they last.

What’s blooming in your autumn landscape? Any surprises?

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