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Confusion About Reds’ Rebuild Extends to Players As Well

For two years now, the Reds have been playing with lots and lots of young pitchers trying to figure out who will stick in the rotation and who won’t. As much as it’s befuddled those of us who watch the team, it seems to also confuse some of the players.

Five Bachelor Party Tips from a Serial Groomsman

Over the past 18 months, I’ve attended 12 weddings (three as a groomsman) and five bachelor parties. (Yes, I nearly wept over a recent credit card bill.) Through those experiences, I’ve discovered certain dos and don’ts about the art of groomsman-ing.

Is Ownership Meddling in Baseball Operations?

Bob Castellini can best lead the Reds’ rebuild by getting out of the way.

Top 5 End-of-Summer Celebrations

From body paint to chamber music, Cincinnati makes saying goodbye to summer a little easier.

Looking for a Pet? Start at One of These No-Kill Animal Shelters

High-profile rescues such as the SPCA have been caring for and saving animals for decades. However, they aren’t the only such organization in our community.

These Three Stunning Local Homes Have Views To Match

And they're not all river views, either.

James Avant IV of OCD Cakes Works to End Mental Health Stigma

Avant founded the business four years ago, naming it for Obsessive Cake Disorder. That’s not just a cheeky play on words; it represents his experiences with obsessive-compulsive disorder, the anxiety disorder he’s contended with—to varying degrees—for a significant portion of his life.

Rebuild Clouded by Competing Interests and the Merits of Merit

Just how committed are the Reds to The Rebuild?

That European Custom, Tipping, Slowly Invaded Cincinnati

It might appear that the custom of tipping your server at a restaurant or the concierge at your hotel is an ancient tradition, but that is not so. In Cincinnati, tipping was uncommon before 1900....

There’s a Southwestern-Style Carl Strauss Home Hidden in Hyde Park

Life on this property is about as close as you can get to experiencing the American Southwest in our Midwestern city.