Meet the Mini Microcinema

As director of the Mini Microcinema in Over-the-Rhine, C. Jacqueline Wood makes a habit of showcasing local movie premieres you can’t catch at the megaplex.

Cincinnati Art Museum Hosts a Terracotta Army

Nine Chinese terra-cotta figures dating back to 212 B.C. are on display for the first time at the Cincinnati Art Museum. You have until August 12 to discover them for yourself.

Listen Up: Champions of Local and Indie Music

WNKU is gone (RIP) but great local radio is still out there.

Your Backstage Pass to Life as a Local Musician

The idea of anyone working this hard just to keep their literal and metaphorical van chugging toward a dream that may never come true—it’s almost romantic.

Cincinnati’s Best Music Festivals

Bunbury is still headlining, but we've got an assortment of lesser-known gems, too.

When the Queen City was King: Our Music History

That forlorn, graffiti-covered brick building in Evanston visible from I-71 was once home to King Records, which launched the career of James Brown and put Cincinnati on the map as a key birthplace of rock and roll.

INHAILER Radio picks up former WNKU DJ and kick starts a new podcast on...

The online, community-based broadcaster is rolling out new programs and updates to help jumpstart the local music scene.

Chuck Cleaver Still Has Something to Say

The Wussy frontman hopes you like it. He doesn't much care if you don't.

Cincinnati’s Best Non-Ticketed Music Venues

These are the places you can catch compelling national acts and an endless supply of impressive locals. No ticket required.

Cincinnati’s Best Alternative Music Spaces

A guide to finding music where you might not expect it.