Phoenician Taverna

The menu at this Mason strip mall gem is sizeable and stocked with traditional ingredients—yogurt, cheese, bulgur wheat, chickpeas, tomatoes, vegetables, lamb, and copious amounts of olive oil and garlic—in both familiar dishes, as well as a few not often seen in local Middle Eastern restaurants. For meze (small plates), skip the fool m’dammas (fava beans with lemon and garlic), order one of everything else, and two of the m’hammara. The smoky baba ghanoush (roasted eggplant pureed with tahini, yogurt, and the ever present lemon and garlic) is an excellent partner to the shankleesh (feta coated in za’atar, topped with diced tomatoes and sumac onions). And there’s more from the Lebanese cuisine hall-of-fame: shawarma (the vertical rotisserie), kebabs, lamb and beef stuffed grape leaves, and falafel patties. Stretchy pants are also recommended. You’ll thank us later.

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