There’s nothing lean about the dining experience at Nectar. Whether it’s the earthiness of smoked chanterelle mushrooms centered in a bowl of corn chowder, a trio of shrimp fritters lined up atop a ribbon of tomatillo chutney, or a low-and-slow beef brisket piled on creamy polenta and brick red chile sauce, Chef Julie Francis creates dishes that inspire food lust in even the most unflappable diner. Francis is deeply committed to seasonal ingredients. In autumn, a deceptively simple salad dressed with sherry orange vinaigrette is elevated from merely good to exquisite because the greens are just-picked, and the local honey crisp apples freckled with toasted walnuts and currants are fully ripe. The depth of flavor in braised lamb shoulder from nearby Turner Farm enhances the humble Israeli couscous beneath. Twice monthly, the popular Nectar dinner club features a local farmer or artisan on-site, their specialty presented in five courses.

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