A Tavola

Take three friends with roots intertwined in family, food, and fun. Add a dollop of career disenchantment, a get-the-party-started perspective kindled by throwing weekly pizza parties in a friend’s café, and a do-it-yourself sensibility (think building your own furniture, making your own ginger beer, and curing your own meats) partially dictated by dropping major cash on a custom-built wood-fired oven imported from Italy. The end result? For restaurant new-schoolers Bill Draznik and brothers Nick and Jared Wayne, it’s as much a lively community hub as it is the home of good artisan pizza and small plates, like the pitch-perfect arancini (fried balls of risotto, served with salsa verde). To the table (a tavola!) one and all.

Also located in Madeira at 7022 Miami Ave.

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