Spotted: Chefs on Bikes for Breast Cancer


How one deals with hardships in life says much about his or her character. Those who manage to inject healthy doses of humor always amaze me. So it has been watching my friend Andrew Vogel, a Midwest Culinary Institute instructor, and his wife Wendy, a veterinarian, as they dealt with Wendy’s diagnosis of breast cancer in 2011. Through chemotherapy, radiation, a double mastectomy, and ongoing reconstruction surgeries, these two have managed to remain positive, even at times positively hilarious, despite the life-threatening nature of the disease. Andrew is still sometimes spotted sporting a pink sock cap with the embroidered message, “Fuck Cancer.” While the road has been long and difficult, Andrew reports that today Wendy has “no evidence of disease.”

In an effort to help raise funds for medical research, the Vogels have created a bicycle team called Chefs Against Cancer, for the Ride Cincinnati for Breast Cancer Research on Sunday, June 8, 2014. Participants need not be chefs and can commit to several different distances.


 -The Executive Chef   62.8 miles


-The Chef de Cuisine  45.2 miles


-The Sous Chef           26.0 miles


-The Potscrubber        18.4 miles


-The Commis              8.2 miles


-The Matt Buschle     1.0 miles


No official word yet on whether Matt Buschle will riding, but knowing that he is a man of significant humor and generosity to others, I wouldn’t be surprised. To sign up for the event, or just make a financial pledge, visit



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