Don’t Eat That, Eat This


Follow the crowd, sure, but don’t overlook these hidden gems.

Mussels Charmoula, $12
Stray from Dan Wright’s fabled hot dogs and request an overflowing bowl of moules steamed in tomato, saffron, and a killer herb blend. Order extra toast—you’re gonna need it.

Dry Aged Burger, $16
Boca may be the house that Brussels sprouts built but Chef Jeremy Lieb’s burger is crave-worthy. Belly up to the bar ASAP. At this price, you can afford to be a Sixth Street regular.

Wildflower Café
Gourmet Grilled Cheese, $9
Though seasonal specials abound at Todd Hudson’s converted farmhouse in Mason, this stalwart sandwich featuring a duo of sharp cheddar and local goat cheese smothering rashers of bacon is a sure bet year-round.

Vegan Chili, $3.50
You’ve come to expect delicious and nutritious sandwiches from Lisa Kagen, but you need to give her vegan chili a chance. Even carnivores concur—it really is that good. And at $3.50 a bowl, you can order seconds.

Riverside Korean
Yuk Hwe, $18.95
Legend has it the French owe Korea credit for beef tartare. Venture across the river and prepare to be schooled by Chef Bruce Kim’s garlic and Asian pear-studded prodigy.

Originally published in the February 2014 issue.

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