About Town: St. Columban Fish Fry


Lenten fish fry season is upon us once again. If you grew up in a Catholic family (maybe you too are still licking the school wounds), you know what I’m talking about. And despite the fact that their girls’ CYO basketball team always beat ours to a bloody pulp, I let myself be talked into attending the St. Columban fish fry last Friday. Gone are the strict literal interpretations of this springtime tradition. These days meat-free pizza and tacos are known to crop up on the menu, as they do at this Loveland church . My son and I split a roasted salmon dinner, which included an eight-ounce fillet, some sweet potato fries, a few fried pickles, and an iceberg salad studded with cherry tomatoes, for the inexpensive price of $9. Drive through pick up is available, although there’s something to be said for knocking back beers with your parents in a school cafeteria. Must be a Catholic thing.

St. Columban Catholic Church Fish Fry, 894 Oakland Rd., Loveland, (513) 683-0105. Upcoming dates are March 31 and 28, April 4 and 11, 5–7:30 pm.




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