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Best of the City

The Anchor OTR Bloody Mary. Yes, that's a lobster claw.

Best of the City: Food

From tricked-out Bloody Marys to sushi-making lessons, we rounded up the best food of 2015.


Best Burgers

The Krueger's Burger from Krueger's Tavern in OTR

The 45 Best Burgers in Cincinnati

Five years ago we inaugurated our first ranking of the city’s best hamburgers. The time has come to run that gauntlet again. Get the rest of our coverage here.


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Best Restaurants 2015

Dan Wright’s falafel, 
baklava, and bouillabaisse

Abigail Street Brings the Baklava

The generously portioned, shareable-plate setup is a boon for diners—having to settle on just one or two dishes here would be dreadful.

Thali, India’s answer to the tasting menu.

Amma’s Dosas It Up

Amma’s may be a humble kitchen in a neighborhood still yearning for transition, but like any good mama’s joint, the sauce is steeped with comfort in mind.

Steak Tartare

Metropole Brings It In-House

Executive Chef Jared Bennett’s menu is inventive and primarily locally sourced with a prophetic zeal for making everything but the cocktail napkins in house.

Cheap Eats


Top 5 Local Chili Parlors

Would you throw down for your local chili parlor? You’re not alone. There are few more divisive subjects in Cincinnati than chili. We rounded up five neighborhood spots worth your notice—and maybe your loyalty.


Fine Diving: Quatman Café

Food Network fans may not enthuse over the Quatman patty’s gourmet quotient, but the well initiated guard its reputation with vigilance.

Global Eats

Chicken empanada with cilantro sauce

Global Eats: Arrechissimo

Fresh (and fast) Venezuelan cuisine in the ’burbs.


Lunch Break: Cuban Pete

If you’re an I Love Lucy devotee, you’ll get the reference immediately. If you’re not a fan, you’ll still be pumped about all the Cuban sandwiches.


Review: Oasis Russian Fusion

From Russia with love.