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Winter Luxury Pumpkin
Cucurbita pepo
Avg. 5–7 lbs.

Don’t fall into the too-pretty-to-eat trap with Winter Luxury: Branstrator considers it the world’s best pie pumpkin. “It’s a true heirloom variety,” he explains. “The flavor and custardy texture is superior for pie.” To judge for yourself, cut one in half, scoop out (and roast!) the seeds, and bake it upside down until rusty brown and fork tender.

Smashing Pumpkins

Jon Branstrator dedicates 25 acres to up to 85 varieties of pumpkins, squashes, and gourds.

Espresso Chinotto

Cheapside Café’s Espresso Chinotto

Spice up your daily caffeine routine with a beverage that’s been proclaimed “the IPA of coffee drinks.”


Recipe: Squash Blossoms

An aunt’s signature recipe slightly modified by Chef Renee Schuler.


Recipe: Chizu Salada

We caught up with American Israelite food editor Zell Schulman for a recipe using everyone’s favorite root vegetable.


Ingredient: Heirloom Tomatoes

Rom Wells provides a recipe for an innovative and seasonal brunch beverage.


Recipe: Wunderbar’s Pan-Seared Brussels Sprouts

As the runt of the cabbage family, Brussels sprouts take their fair share of abuse. Which is why Nathan Chambers, chef at the Covington beer and sausage haus, Wunderbar, likes to give them some extra-special love.

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Quan Hapa

The Nguyen brothers, Duy and Bao, along with partner David Le, have followed up on Pho Lang Thang’s success at Findlay Market by bursting onto the OTR scene with some of the boldest flavors in the city.

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