Pete Ghione

Gamblin’ Man


After 13 years in Las Vegas, Horseshoe Casino executive chef Pete Ghione is excited to have a new region of people to cook for, mixing some familiar local tastes with a little Sin City flair.

What do your duties include? I am in charge of nine kitchens: I write menus, contact vendors, spec food, order food, and teach staff how to cook the recipes. I moved here so I could work on a project from the ground up.

How do you prepare the menus for each restaurant? The biggest thing I consider is location. I focus on using ingredients that are common to Cincinnati and to local taste, like German influences. But I also want to include ingredients that bring a little bit of Las Vegas to Cincinnati.

Can you reveal any local ingredients in particular? We have some partnerships to get great food from the area, like local butcher shops that are artisan. They use dated but classical instruments that create greater and natural flavors that are not so commercialized.

Why casinos? When you work in just one restaurant, you have the same menu and the same equipment every day. In casinos there are so many outlets and facilities that keep the job exciting. When there is that much variety, employees don’t get bored and neither do the customers.

Horseshoe Casino, 1000 Broadway St., (513) 252-0777,

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