Draft Wine


Bottled or boxed? The debate over wine poured from a glass bottle versus cardboard casing is fast becoming a moot point for oenophiles now that vino can be enjoyed on tap. Mimicking its brewed counterpart, tap wine has become a trend, one readily adopted by Abigail Street in Over-the-Rhine. Abigail Street’s wine bar features eight wines on tap, some of which (3 Vineyards pinot noir, for example) are sold exclusively at the restaurant. The wines are housed in stainless steel kegs and propelled through tubing via nitrogen gas into the glass. “The first time these wines actually see air is when they’re going into a glass,” says Daniel Wright, who owns the restaurant with his wife, Lana. He assures us the keg system not only deters oxidation but is environmentally friendly (no glass or labels) and ultimately cheaper for wine lovers. And never fear—if you can’t get enough of Abigail Street’s 3 Vineyards Pinot Noir house blend, your friendly bartender can cork your favorite in a recycled wine bottle to savor later.

Abigail Street
1214 Vine St.
(513) 421-4040

Originally published in the March 2012 issue.


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