Beer Dinners


Matching brews with every course from salad to dessert is not a new concept. In fact, restaurants as varied as Virgils Café, Nicholson’s, and Teller’s of Hyde Park frequently host beer dinners. But the trend appears to be spreading. Dinners at DeSha’s have featured specific breweries, including Southern Tier Brewing Co., with their signature Pumking ale capping the evening alongside Brown Cow Creamery’s rum butter walnut ice cream. For Otto’s Great American Beer Dinner, head cook Paul Weckman and Quaff Bros. co-creator Danny Gold paired Quaff Bros. Brown Chicken Brown Cow—brown ale aged in Four Roses Bourbon barrels—with Kentucky bourbon marinated short ribs. To find your own event, keep an eye on the Hoperatives website, where Carla Gesell-Streeter and Tom Streeter keep a calendar. “We love beer dinners,” Carla says. “We just don’t want to see them get priced out of reach, and they need to keep the focus on the beer.” Sound advice for a tasty concept: Perfectly crafted brews paired with the perfectly crafted meal.

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Originally published in the February 2013 issue.

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