Jeff Mathews

The man behind the blog A Dork and His Pork.


Jeff Mathews, the man behind the blog A Dork and His Pork, has been engaging readers for two years with evocative tales of his epicurean adventures. We asked the Clifton resident about the origins of his obsession. 

Why pork?

There’s nothing as flexible or just as tasty as any kind of pork product. As often as I eat chicken, or as often as I like a good salad, there is nothing that can get its little hooves into my soul like something pork-y.

What is your favorite thing to make with pork?

Take two really thin slices of bread, a little bit of salsa, and a little bit of Mexican—not Spanish, Mexican—chorizo, and some good Mexican cheese, and make a grilled cheese sandwich that way. It’s life changing. 

What food blogs do you like?

The Hungry Mouse has a sense of whimsy that’s just so infectious. Dishing Up Delights can take any two random ingredients and turn it into something incredible. Epi-Ventures is great. You really get a sense of how passionate she is about food.

Where do you find inspiration for your recipes?

I’ll combine three or four versions of the same [dish] in a way that makes sense. Writing recipes is really hard.

Got a favorite cookbook?

The Balthazar Cookbook. If I were on a desert island with a full kitchen, I’d take that one with me.



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Originally published in the January 2011 issue.

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