Heart of Vintage Base Ball Tournament


Few people know that baseball players were once called “ballists” who scored “aces,” not runs, when they crossed home plate. Every town had a team compiled not of million-dollar third-basemen, but of local milkmen and mill workers who happened to cover third base. For these reasons and more, you should take the kids out to Coney Island this Sunday for a trip back through baseball history. See eight local and regional teams, including the Norwood Highlanders (the event’s host), the Losantiville Black Stockings, the Cincinnati Buckeyes, the Rising Sun Belle Rivers, the Batesville Lumbermen, the Dayton Clodbusters, the Tippecanoe Canal Jumpers, and of course, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, play the game as it was played in 1869. The stockings will be hiked up, the uniforms will be old-timey, and the mustaches will be out in force.

July 7, 11 a.m. -6:30 p.m., Free, Coney Island, norwoodhighlanders.com

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