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Cincinnati Is Producing The Coolest New Health Tech Products

And they're being tested everywhere from the Air Force to Madeira High School.

Top 5 Places to do Outdoor Yoga This Week

Where to get it ohm this week.

The Inner City Tennis Project Pulls Off a 30-Year Rally

“It became like a second family to me.”

Post-workout, Step into a Skube

Because leggings are not pants, and you need to cover your bum.

Work It Out: Our Top Fitness Class Picks for 2016

From rock climbing to pole dancing: Fitness can be fun.

Secrets of the Super Fit: The Boxer

"It’s fun to punch stuff and boxing is a great way to dump anxiety and fear."

Our Top Fitness Gear Picks for 2016

Because the stuff is half the fun of working out, right?

Secrets of the Super Fit: The Hip-Hop Dancer

"A lot of people tell me they can’t dance and I just don’t believe that."

Secrets of the Super Fit: The Yogi

"One day I found a yoga tape, and it just made sense to me."

Secrets of the Super Fit: The CrossFit Pro

"I never thought about exercise to be fit or healthy."

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