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50 West Is a One-Stop Shop for Summer Adventures and Brews

After setting up shop on the south side of Route 50, close proximity to the Little Miami River and its cherished bike trail—along with an unquenchable entrepreneurial spirit—encouraged 50 West co-founder Bobby Slattery to expand into outdoor activities.
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Top 5 Creative Summer Workouts

Dance, bike, and stretch your way to your summer fitness goals.

Don Gardner Shares The History of Soccer Association for Youth

In 1967, Howard Bruns and Tom Stevens created Soccer Association for Youth based on a simple principal: Everybody plays.

Dark Asana Yoga is as Metal as it Sounds

The darkness and the music—we’re talking space doom; black, stoner, and atmospheric metal; drone, noise, and ambient—drown out distractions and make the whole thing deeply meditative.

Cincinnati Is Producing The Coolest New Health Tech Products

And they're being tested everywhere from the Air Force to Madeira High School.

Top 5 Places to do Outdoor Yoga This Week

Where to get it ohm this week.

The Inner City Tennis Project Pulls Off a 30-Year Rally

“It became like a second family to me.”

Post-workout, Step into a Skube

Because leggings are not pants, and you need to cover your bum.

Work It Out: Our Top Fitness Class Picks for 2016

From rock climbing to pole dancing: Fitness can be fun.

Secrets of the Super Fit: The Boxer

"It’s fun to punch stuff and boxing is a great way to dump anxiety and fear."

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