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Dr. Know: Adult Theaters, Cartoons, and the Lytle Tunnel

Before moving here, my perception of Cincinnati was of a prudish, stuck-in-the-’50s city. But can you tell me where those adult movie theaters used to be? 

Dr. Know: Construction, Offensive Plaques, and Driving Downtown

Nobody wanted to test the limits of driver patience by suddenly re-routing the re-routing, so that one metal plate across Wasson and Paxton was left behind. Soon, it will be replaced by a drive-over sensor that emits a deafening train whistle.

Dr. Know: Redlegs, Servatii’s, and Downtown’s Mnemonic Devices

Perhaps it is the Cincinnati baseball franchise of which we should ask: “Who dey?” The team's early history featured three different names.

Dr. Know: Star-Crossed Corners, Mystery Pitchers, and Vintage Local Movies

Hey, our downtown has made major strides in recent years, so we shouldn’t complain about Macy’s closing. This could be our chance to have a Tiffany’s and Hooters side by side!

Dr. Know: Hipster Cities, Scattered Organs, and Breaking News

Cincinnati didn’t even make the Top Ten in most categories, but because we absolutely killed in “Tattoo parlors per 100,000 people,” we were ranked 3rd overall for U.S. Hipster Cities.

Dr. Know: Oyster Crackers, Roads to Nowhere, and Mysterious Slings

Why does Wikipedia give Cincinnati such prominence in oyster crackers?

Dr. Know: Unnatural Foods, Rules of the Road, and the History of Happy Holidays

"As we approach this year’s “War on Christmas,” I wonder whether expressions like “Season’s Greetings” and “Happy Holidays” were once a rarity, as some claim."

Dr. Know: Clammy Cincinnati, UFA Theater, and the Dana Avenue Connector

"Don’t blame everything on Hitler."

Dr. Know: Bizarro Music Hall Acts, Pizza Physics, And The Mystery Of Birney/Burney Lane

Please welcome: professional wrestling, boxing, basketball, barn dances, and more—because until our town had venues like the Cincinnati Gardens and a convention center, Music Hall did double and triple duty.

Dr. Know: Ludlow Garage, Secret Streets, And A Voice From Above

"When Cincinnati needs answers about things from the ’60s that were weird, gigantic, and hazy, all roads lead to Jim Tarbell."

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