Leah Stewart’s Latest Novel is a Study of Actors and Kidnapping

One extremely indelicate published quote about his relationship leads actor Charlie Outlaw into a self-imposed island exile that turns into a kidnapping in "What You Don’t Know About Charlie Outlaw".

Cincinnati’s Greatest Literary Export is Releasing a New Book

Curtis Sittenfeld's relatable anthology is coming to a shelf near you April 24.

Tableside with Melissa Clark, Food Columnist

This New York Times food columnist has nearly 40 cookbooks under her belt, sparked a guacamole debate so fervent even President Obama had to chime in, and will speak May 10 at downtown’s Mercantile Library.

Take a Sweet Look at Our Candied Past

Take a bite out of local author Dann Woellert's tasty history lesson.

Elizabeth Catte Reveals the Other Side of Appalachia

A new book from Ohio’s own Belt Publishing reveals this region’s other side, refusing to be defined as poor, angry, and overlooked.

A New Tumultuous Read Through the Queen City

Local author Jessica Strawser's new book Almost Missed You is being released on Feb. 6.

Steve Kissing is Publishing a Price Hill Based Graphic Novel

The graphic novel version of Kissing's memoir about a childhood spent wrestling with epilepsy is due out early this year.

Locally Produced MeSseD Dives Beneath the Sewer Grates

The series follows the life and times of Filipino sewer worker Lilliput and her coworkers as they use science to battle whatever’s waiting for them in the darkness.

Six Great Books With A Regional Connection

From beaches to bourbon to 19th century buffalo hunts, each of these 2017 books has a local or regional connection.

How Ohio Has Shaped Toni Morrison’s Fiction

Toni Morrison's talent cannot be overstated or over-appreciated. But less understood are her deep Ohio roots—and the fundamental role the state plays in her work. Consider, for instance, her Cincinnati masterpiece Beloved.

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