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Meet Maris Herold, the New Sheriff in Town

It’s been a rough few years for the UC Police Division. But Maris Herold, who came on as Police Chief in January, is already making history: as the first female chief and through the changes she’s implementing.

Is Cincinnati Too Focused on Quick-Fix Schemes?

Cincinnati is undeniably a city on the rise, and well positioned to continue in that direction. But that didn’t happen overnight.

Wave Pool and Cradle Cincinnati Team Up to Talk Sex at a Pop-Up Nail...

A new way to tackle Cincinnati's infant mortality problem, as well as sexual health and sexual justice, in the Villages of Roll Hill.

Islamophobia is on the Rise in Cincinnati

Anti-Muslim incidents—including hate crimes, harassments, and employment discrimination—have risen 57 percent since President Donald Trump’s campaign.

The Long Lost Hills of Cincinnati

They didn't actually disappear, but you may not recognize the names.

Meet the Man Behind the East End Revival

How “Chicken” Nick Motz grew from a river-loving local boy to the man with a plan to revive an entire neighborhood.

Mayor John Cranley Enters His Final Term with Pervasive Optimism

We are increasingly on the map now, and there’s a real vibe and positivity about Cincinnati. But the biggest shift I’ve noticed in my life is that we believe it now. You can’t sell something you don’t believe in yourself.

People’s Liberty Rounds the Halfway Point—and Begins Looking Forward

People's Liberty talks humble beginnings, impact on the city, fighting dismal messages, and phase two—and beyond.

The Impact of Immigration on Local Public Schools

Immigration is more than just a chapter in a textbook for some local schools.

Greater Anderson Promotes Peace Lives Up To Its Name

One speaker, one meal, one gathering at a time.

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