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At Dojo Gelato in Findlay Market, owner Mark Christner makes small batches by hand using local ingredients. Porkopolis (maple gelato with candied bacon) and Lavender Honey are our faves, but we heard a businessman in a natty pinstripe suit declare that he had driven 10 miles out of his way for one scoop of their smoky, sexed-up Dutch Chocolate.
(513) 328-9000

Hot Brown
It has long been known as the perfect hangover food, but even when your head feels fine, the Kentucky hot brown at Kennings Circle K in Mack will pleasure your palate. A thick slice of Texas toast provides a sturdy foundation for thinly sliced turkey and a rich but not overwhelming blanket of melted cheese drizzled with crumbled bacon and diced tomatoes. (513) 574-5613

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