Pacman Punch


It comes as no surprise that the first black eye of the Cincinnati Bengals otherwise outstanding offseason would be delivered, both literally and figuratively, by Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones. There are three or four different reports of what happened at the Tin Roof last week, but they all end with Pacman hitting a woman in the face—a grown man striking a female.

Here’s what Jones had to say about the incident after being arrested.

Now, my vision isn’t the greatest, but it certainly looked like the “immediate threat” to Pacman’s life was having a beer brushed across his face (not swung) and poured on his shirt.

The Bengals should cut Pacman, and they should cut him regardless of how this instance is handled legally. HE PUNCHED A WOMAN IN THE FACE (AGAIN). The woman in the video pours a beer on Pacman. She is not holding a knife or a gun. If you’re a man, which Pacman’s criminal record proves he is not, you don’t lay hands on a woman.

People deserve second chances. They don’t deserve 30. In January 2008, Jones was accused by multiple witnesses of punching a woman in the face in an Atlanta strip club. Twice in 2006 he was arrested for altercations in which he spat on women at clubs. In 2007 he was accused of beating a strippers head against the bar and threatening to kill an employee. Oh, and he just so happened to be implicated in a 2007 fight, which led to the eventual shooting of three men at a Las Vegas Club. Tommy Urbanski, the club’s manager, was left paralyzed from the waste down. Throw in a slew of other alcohol/stripper/club related arrests and offenses, and it’s unfathomable that he’s in the NFL at all (he was suspended for an entire season while with the Tennessee Titans).

Jones will likely escape the charges (the woman appears to have instigated this debacle) but it shouldn’t matter. At the end of the day his knee-jerk reaction to being doused with beer was to strike a female in the face. Alcohol brings out the truth in people—for Jones, it’s a very ugly truth.

Pacman can point out that he’s been in far less trouble since joining the Bengals and that he’s even helped to educate young players about avoiding these types of situations (both are true). But he can’t walk away. He’s never been able to walk away. There’s no immediate danger shown on that footage, just a man with a disgusting history of violence towards women, a man who should’ve learned by now that he can’t function in clubs or bars or while intoxicated.

It was a disgrace to the Bengals franchise when they signed Jones in the first place. It’ll be an even bigger disgrace if they don’t release him for this.

Regardless of how much Adam Jones wants us to believe he’s changed, he’ll always be Pacman deep down.

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