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Family Trips and Potato Chips: Connecting with Cousins

Whether it was graduations (someone was always matriculating), the Ketteler picnic (my dad’s side), or the Seiler Reunion (my mom’s), being with my cousins in the summer came to equal a kind of freedom.

Quantity or Quality? The Give and Take of Modern Medicine

In this lifetime, we diagnose, we intervene, and we make life better. So why does it feel so much like we’re fucking up the end game?

What We Take into Adulthood – and Pass on to Our Children

What I can’t decide now is whether I want my 7-year-old daughter to walk the same path as me. Maybe I could save her from it.

Sisterhood in Middlehood: The Questions

People change, but sisters will always be sisters.

Uphill Climb: Seven Stories on Seven Hills

"The stories of my life have been defined by a hill. Fittingly, there are seven I can’t forget."