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Dr. Know: Crumbling Crosley, An Icy Overpass, and What Is W.A.P.A.?

Many devotees of UC would happily award Crosley Tower a stomped-on Lifetime Unachievement trophy.

A Dream Come True

Legendary TV Newsman Al Schottelkotte once did me a favor.

Dr. Know: The Longest Red Light, “Formerly Jillian’s,” and Damage at the United Jewish...

Who among us has not felt smoke emanating from our ears as we sit endlessly before the Great Red Destroyer of Appointments?

Dr Know: Security Cameras in Hyde Park, 1920s Car Engines, and Where Did the...

"There’s a security camera affixed to a utility pole on Observatory Avenue in Hyde Park, facing the intersection at Edwards. It creeps me out."

How This Magazine Helped Clumsy Me Find My Soulmate

Things were different back in the Olden Days of the 1990s.

Dr. Know: Queen City Burger Kings, a 60 Minutes Mystery, and How Pendleton Got...

Rather than make a chart showing the dizzying array of Juniors and The Thirds, let’s just say that the East End Railroad Pendletons were related to the Over-the-Rhine Politics Pendletons.

Dr. Know: Fashion by the New York Times, City Hall Crosses, and Central Cincinnati

My mother says that during the 1970s, The New York Times operated a chain of clothing stores in Cincinnati. Newspapers were once big and diversified, I know, but this seems really wrong. Should I...

Dr. Know: Masonic Calendars, Commercial Breaks, and a Zip’s Scandal

I was walking past the Cincinnati Masonic Center on East Fifth Street and saw that its cornerstone says “A.L. 5926.” What is A.L.? And when was 5926?

Remembering When “Fake News” Was Fun

The uncensored story of Plummet Mall

Dr. Know: The Roebling’s Hums, Outdated Signs, and Hidden Memorials

There was that time in 1922 when a boat caught fire directly beneath the Roebling, making firemen frantically hose down the floor to keep it from igniting.