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The Correction

Imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, Raymond Towler spent nearly three decades behind bars believing that one day science would set him free. But it couldn’t.Until spring 2010, when science got a hand from Mark Godsey and the Ohio Innocence Project.

“C” Is for Cycle

Cincinnati is hardly head of the class, but its bike IQ is building.

Poster Child

One year ago, a fender-bender on a rainy night put Bernard Pastor on the fast track to deportation. Then, just as quickly, it thrust him into the forefront of the national debate over the Dream Act. He continues to live as he always has: as an American.

Seminal Work

When is a tragedy also a triumph? When you’re saving an endangered species.

Update: The Correction

Editors note: In November 2010, Jacob Baynham detailed the wrongful conviction—and 29-year imprisonment—of Raymond Towler. This September, Jacob Baynham got married. The man who performed the ceremony? Ray Towler. We asked Jacob to tell us why he and his wife asked Ray to marry them. His response is published here.

The Other Side of Desire

Half a decade ago, UC was looking for volunteers to test a new, improved female condom.